In the Home

The first thing you should do to better your health and home is to examine your water. Is it truly life giving, or is it slowly destroying it by all the contaminates in it like lead, chlorine, fluoride, pharmaceuticals, microorganisms, pesticides and etc? They show that taking a simple shower takes in the same or more toxic substances than drinking all day! What's in your water?

We use CHA water (so does Clint Eastwood I hear) in our home and it is the best tasting and best water a body is able to have! The perfect water that has lots of health benefits including keeping your body alkaline!

Here is a goody for making homemade chapsticks, mascara, doing things green, saving money and even a awesome knat and ant trap you can make from things you have already and it works great!!!

Here is in the kitchen and recipies tips.

Here is a link for frugal living, it will help you use your resources more wisely so you have money for things you'd rather do and have than day to day living!

Here are sites for removing toxic substances from our lives in our every day living items and chores etc. Such as detergents, cleaners, soaps, deodorants, hygiene products to use and not use.


Here is a site for removing wallpaper, water rings on furniture, and making nontoxic green, homemade and inexpensive cleaners, deodorizers and etc. 

Need help staying ahead of clutter and keeping your home clean? Here are some sites that will help you change how you do things to your benefit!