Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Wake Up People! We Need to Open Our Eyes!

Here are 2 places you can go to and sign up for their newsletters and see what is going on in our world regarding our health and rights to grow, buy or have the freedom to get things that are healthy.  They have really good articles on how you can improve your health, by avoiding certain things and by eating or doing certain things.

I have been doing my best to change my lifestyles in ways that will improve my quality (and hopefully quantity) of life. This mostly falling under health and faith changes that are done slowly and with effort, especially if it goes against my grain, like eating something good for me that my taste buds try to mutiny my tongue over, or eating humble pie. I find that no matter where I go subjects come up regarding one or the other. I usually am quick to tell people of my latest and greatest discoveries, to not only help them understand, but to help them see what I have been shown, because I would want the same done for me! In fact a lot of the time what I am telling people about was shown to me by someone else. A lot of the time people already know what I am telling them excitedly, or they are interested in what I have to share. Sometimes though I get what I call the "Cat Attack" reaction. It's where the person I am telling my new found (and intensely researched) truth or factoid suddenly and out of nowhere decides that what I am telling them A. Offends them, B. Is not what they want to hear (cause they don't want to change???) or C. Doesn't fall into their lifestyle or ideas. They suddenly rear up like they've been slapped, their eyes enlarge, their hackles stand on end, and they're claws come up and they slice the air with gesticulations and they hiss (or rather yell or have a very high decibel tone). I don't know one time that I have ever had this kind of reaction (and if I have I apologize, or maybe it was when I was so young I can't recall) so therefore I really don't understand it. Why can't people purse their lips and be polite, not say anything negative, just tell me politely they disagree, and that way we can discuss it like civilized humans?? If we can talk about it, maybe I can be shown reasons I have not seen and need to be shown or maybe they can hear my reasons and then go home and look it up and decide based on facts instead of emotions and whatever else inside them rears up when affronted with what I am telling them. I mean if you are into facts, truth, science or whatever word you want to call reality, then why can't you be open to change? Only one thing have I found to never change and that is the Holy Bible or Word of the Almighty and the Almighty Himself. We are the ones that are imperfect and need to change daily to better ourselves in every way we can, and that is an individual journey for each individual. As intelligent humans shown through history we are constantly learning and growing and changing in our ideas, and thinking. We find out that something isn't what we thought we change. If we don't then we will eventually stop progressing and become stuck in one place. That is how species die off, they stop changing and adapting to what's a new reality, whether it shakes their world or not.

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  1. I just read your submission on haha's for hooha's and laughed so hard! You are a great writer. The section at the bottom of the submission that explains you caught my eye. You & my sister are the same person. I know this is a stretch but my family owns an organic health food store in AR. If you are ever in our area come and see us. We are having an edible wild plant class on tuesday and we have survival classes and of course we love organic and the Bible is our truth. Check us out at www.facebook.com/myprairiemarket and come see us if you are ever in our area. I bet we would have lots to share together!